About the Tour

The idea behind the European Oceanman (& Oceanwoman) Tour is to promote our sport and create competitions of international and high level. We want our athletes to race against the best in Europe so that you all become better athletes and that we can gap the bridge in the Ocean / Surf events with the internationally dominating countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

One of the reasons this project started in 2013 is the fact that at the European Lifesaving Championships (in the Netherlands) the in our view main events have been removed. Therefore we started this EOT and we as EOT cooperate with the guys behind the European Beach Flags Tour (EBFT).

EOT aims to have 5 rounds, but only 3 count for the overall ranking. There are no obligations for athletes to race any amount of rounds or races. Simply the highest overall score over 3 eventswill be crowned winner of the EOT.

Rules / regulations

You as an athlete can join the series by subscribing yourself at our registration page and when you have registered you will be contacted about paying the registration fee and the items that we from EOT provide you.
Shipping cost from the EOT items is not included in the registration fee.

We from EOT are not responsible for the organization of the single events, therefore you have to register for the events (and pay the event fee) as well as registering with us.

All the promotional gear that the EOT provides must be visible during the competition, so if for example we provide you with a Cap, you must wear this at the award ceremony. Not wearing it could mean that you will be removed from the EOT rankings.
EOT could provide you with sponsor stickers for your craft (board, ski and/or paddle). The athlete is obligated to put them on their craft. In the case it might collide with personal sponsors and agreement must/will be found.

We from the EOT are not profiting from the registration costs, we have to cover administration costs, insurance, clothing and promotional costs.

EOT aims to have 5 rounds but only 3 count for the overall EOT ranking. The pointscore for the ranking is based upon the final results of the included events and based on the ILS pointscore (20 back to 1, for top 16). If a non-EOT athlete sits among the ranking these points will simple be removed from the point score.  In the following case it will be explained.
Race results are

















The first EOT athlete (EOT 1) will get the 20 point and the second EOT athlete (EOT 2) will get the 15 points. The 18 and 16 points in the count back will not be rewarded in the EOT pointscore.

The EOT ranking is thus based on 3 races. If there is an equal amount of points between 2 athletes. The race results from the race (s) they raced against each other counts. If they remain equal the best individual results counts and if they remain equal the results of possible 4th event will be included. And if they still remain equal they will remain equal in the ranking. 

Surf Ironman History

Professional IronMan racing was born out of the movie ‘Coolangatta Gold’ which featured multiple Australian IronMan champion Grant Kenny and was won by golden boy Guy Leech. With significant media attention beginning to grow, Surf Life Saving Australia established the ‘Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Grand Prix’ in 1986.  The aim of the series was to generate a high public profile and showcase for the sport, the athletes and the surf life saving movement.

Over the years the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IronMan Series has evolved, testing and challenging athletes through different formats and styles of racing. The Series has made household names of the likes of Kenny, Leech, Trevor Hendy and the Mercer brothers, Darren and Dean.

The introduction of IronWomen in the series took it to a new level and attracted a whole new generation of fans with stars like Karla Gilbert, Reen Corbett and Kristy Cameron becoming heroines to thousands of young women.

While the Series has continued to evolve with varying formats, competitors and venues, one key element of IronMan and IronWoman racing has remained – the surf. The Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IronMan Series puts Australia’s top multi-discipline athletes through their paces, forcing them to take on the best and worst Mother Nature has to throw at them.  Big swells, sun, wind, rain – no matter what the conditions, these athletes take them head on.

For almost 30 years, Kellogg’s have partnered with Surf Life Saving Australia to deliver this unique sporting event that has not only produced some of Australia’s finest and fittest athletes, but has also helped drive membership for Surf Life Saving, especially through its Nipper ranks.

The Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IronMan Series and IronWoman Series has grown to become the world’s elite surf sports competition and one of summer’s most iconic events – where only the best of the best have their chance to claim the prize pool, the glory and the prestige of being the crowned the Series Champion. It is survival of the fittest.

While names like Kenny, Leech, Hendy and the Mercers are now the Legends of the Surf, it is the likes of Shannon and Caine Eckstein, Zane Holmes, Ky Hurst, Courtney Hancock, Elizabeth Pluimers and Hayley Bateup who are inspiring the youth of today.

Watch them become legends too!



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